2012 Gator Pictures

Tim Totten Hancock gators8/15/12 The season started Wednesday night. Gator season got off to a quick start. Thirty minutes into the season and we had our first gator tagged. 11' 6" with a bit of tail missing. So much for easing into a rythem again. Not long after straightening up the boat we started to idle back twords the boat ramp. We hooked the second one and had it tagged by 6:30. The second one was 9' 6" and looked dinky next to the first one.


Corey Hancock 10ft 10in 8/17/12 Corey had to be out of town for the start of the season. He got back in Thursday night and we went out Friday morning. Corey has been after one that tips 11' and we fell two inches short. Corey now says that he needs one 12' so that we can get past the 11' mark with him.


George and Logan 10ft gator8/19/12 Went out even though it was windy. Had two break brand new 100# test line because the drag was to tight. Loosened up the drag and this one was not able to get away. This was a 10' female. George's grandson Logan got to harpoon his first gator and fight it on a pole for a long time.

Kevin Hancock 9/3/12 Kevin had been hunting Hancock for several nights and had not taken a gator. We meet him for an evening hunt an got his tags filled before the sun went down.


Charlend and two gators9/14/12 Went out with my brother Richard and he was nice enough to let us take out Charlene on a gator hunt. We had a good night and we live caught these two gators and Charlene put them out with a pocket knife. One was 9' and one was 9' 4". We were on Polk County tags.

Dale Polk County 2012 9/22/12 I had taken Dale out two other nights earlier in the season and the weather was bad with wind. We watched some gators but never really persued them. This night was no different. It rained from sundown to 12 am. We were going to stick it out. We caught these two once the sun came up. Both were snagged on rods from the bottom of an old phosphate pit in Polk County. One was 9' and the other was 10'.


Ricco big gator9/22/12 Ricco had a friend Jimmy down from Alabama and was trying to get him a gator. They were hunting Polk County and did not have much luck. Coming off of an all nighter I agreed to meet them at the ramp of a different lake. I snagged this one right off the ramp. Jimmy harpooned him and put him out with the bangstick. Jimmy was very happy getting a 10 footer for his first gator. I got to go home early and get a good nights sleep. They were going to continue to hunt for the second gator and then go clean this one.