Bangsticks or Powerheads

Bangstick on gator The bangstick should not be loaded until you are ready to use it on the gator. They go off when they are pressed up against something.  The bottom of the boat or anything but the gator should be avoided once loaded.  The placement of the bangstick is critical.  If you hit the gator in the skull it makes the taxadermist job much more difficult or at the least sends bones fragments flying.  If you hit him too far back or off to the side you will either just make it mad or stun it.  The first time I banged one, I hit him too far back and his lights did not go out.  This is the only job in the night that we do not have novices do.  The picture shows where to put the bangstick.  Just behind the skull and centered on the neck angled forward if you can.

Bangsticks can be purchased mounted on poles or you can pick up a powerhead from many dive shops. Divers use them on sharks.  If you purchase one from a dive shop it will most likely be designed to be mounted on a spear gun.  Most of them I have found use 6mm treads.  We offer an adapter that can be used to attach the dive shop models to a wooden pole.  Metal poles can be used but you may be looking for a new one if it goes overboard.

I prefer the spring style heads to the ones that the barrel slides on O rings.  I have to hit them with less force and that makes it easier to hit them where I want to.  Both work well.  The spring style is generally more expensive.

If you use a shotgun caliber then you should avoid shot shells.  Slugs work great.  I used a shotshell once and pellets went all through the meat in the jaws and neck.  When cleaning the gator, you will miss some even if you are carefull.  Most processors that purchase gators do not want gators hit by a shotshell for this reason.