Florida alligator hunting

Florida FWC Alligator site

Application Dates:Apply Here
Phase I: Random Drawing (applications: April 20 – 30; must claim award by May 14)
Phase II: Random Drawing (applications: May 18 – 28; must claim award by June 11)
Phase III: Random Drawing (new process; applications: June 15 – 25) You will put a credit card on file with them and they will automatically charge it if you are drawn.
Phase IV: First Come First Serve (begins at 10 a.m. EDT on July 1)

Age and residency requirement: 18 or older. May be resident or nonresident

Hunting Season: August 15 to November 1

Hunting Hours: 5pm to 10am

Legal Methods Of Take: Trapping with hand-held snares, harpoons, gigs, snatch hooks, artificial lures, baited wooden pegs
(less than 2 inches), manually-operated spears, spearguns, crossbows, and bows with projectiles
attached to a restraining line will be permitted. Firearms and gig-equipped bang sticks are prohibited.

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