2010 Gator Pictures

Dale 10'3" gator8/15/10 The season started Sunday night. Lake Hancock was a mad house. People everywhere and had everything all wound up. At 9:30 we were going to call it a night and come back when there were less people. On the way back to the ramp we crossed paths with this gator. A quick hookup and Dale drove the harpoon home. The gator got mad and decided to chomp down on the side of the boat. He was 10'3" and fat as can be. We called it a night and droped him off in the cooler. Dale did not want to be done the first night anyways. 

Dale Hancock 9ft  6in

8/21/10 Was a bit stormy when we went out. Went home and crashed for a few hours then went back out.
We saw a few big gators that gave us the slip. At daybreak Dale decided to harpoon this 9ft 6in gator. The gator ended up chomping on the boat and broke a tooth out in the process.


Tim 9ft 246 lb gator9/2/10 Tim Larue got to go out on an airboat for the first time. Glen was nice enough to take us out for a spin and we got this 9 ft female at first light. This gator was really heavy so we took the time to weigh it. It weighted 246 pounds.

Tim Hancock 10ft alligator

9/4/10 Went out about 3am in the skiff and managed to pull in this 10 ft female gator. When we pulled it up it gave him an excelent shot and he harpooned it in the side of the neck. He put a second dart in her just in case. Two well placed darts gave us all the control we needed to quickly dispatch it with the bang stick.


Corey and George Hancock three gators over 10

9/10/10 Went out to Lake Hancock. Finaly a night without people all over the place. Corey filled both his tags with a 10' 3" and a bob tail gator that had the same body size of the others but was missing the tail from where the scoots come together on the tail. George filled one of his tags with a 10' 1" gator.


Bill 10'1" gator

9/12/10 Went out to Hell and Blazes and Poinsett. First time going out there in the skiff. Saw many gators in both areas. Spent a little while looking for big gators. Found an area that had not been worked to hard by other hunters and got this 10' 1" alligator. Went back to the same area at day break and saw ten gators over 10 foot. We were not able to hook up with another one but now we know not to settle for a smaller one any time soon.


Tim 10'4" gator

9/25/10 Went out to a private pit in Polk County. Right at dark this one disturbed the bottom in about 15 feet of water. A few bubbles came up as we went over him with the trolling motor. Snagged him with the trebble hook and Tim busted right through a scoot when he put the dart in it.. This gator was 10' 4" and had teeth that stuck out not up on his bottom jaw.


Doc 9' 7" gator

10/1/10 Doc and Jen came down from Indiana to gator hunt with us. We took this gator from Lake Okeechobee West. It was not the big one we were looking for but came in at 9' 7". We saw a few other big gators but it did not work out on this trip.


Richard 9' gator

10/10/10 Went out on Lake Hancock to try to fill Richard's tags. Had a big one snap the line when we had snagged him and he was trying to get into the thick weeds. Saw many gators this night but the bigger ones were staying in the deep creek channel. This 9 foot gator allowed us to snag it. Richard has one more to get.


Bill Parker 11' 9" gator

10/11/10 and 10/12/10 Took the 10'2" gator on the right from Lake Washington. We then took the 11'9" gator on the left from Lake Parker. The big one found a real deep hole to go down into. We did not have enough rope on the bouey and this gator pulled it under and stuck on the bottom. We managed to see it down under the water and lowered a big hook down and pulled him up to harpoon him again.

George Hell N Blazes 4 gator

10/13/10 Went out to Hell n Blazes to finish out George's tags for there. Glen took us out on his airboat and we came back with these four gators. There was one eight footer and three nine footers. They are deadly with the run and gun.


Bill Parker 11' 11" gator

10/22/10 Went out on Lake Parker at daybreak with Glen and Ray. We managed to hook this big boy and had not problem deciding to drive the harpoon deep when this big head came up. This gator was a bob tail 11' 11" gator. All measurments indicate that this gator should have been right at 13'. After we got this one half way in the boat we had to take a break before we finished the job. Sure was glad to be able to have a forklift pull him back out of the boat. Had to take the picture laying on top him resting before we draged him in the cooler.


Bill gator from Lake Okeechobee Florida

10/23/10 William and I went down to Lake Okeechobee West with Glen to finish out quickly and get home. Sleep is hard to find at the end of the season. Were not looking for big but this 10 footer did not get out of the way quick enough. Glen hit him on the run as he was going down. William got to do the bangstick on one of the other gators and he hit it perfectly behind the head like he was supposed to.


Suzie  11'  gator from Florida hunt

10/27/10 Suzie did not want to have tags in her name. She did not want to spend hours with us not wanting to harpoon gators that were not big. Right before dark this one was up in the middle of the lake. A quick run at him caused him to go down. He showed us a few bubbles and we hooked up. One down quick and one more for Suzie.

Suzie's second Florida gator this season

10/28/10 Suzie's second gator and she no longer has to go out. She had to get to work and George is showing of her second ten footer. Not bad to finish out in one night late in the season.

Tim Totten 9' 8" Gator

10/30/10 Tim Totten with his second gator. This one was 9' 8" out of a private pit in Polk County. The residents have had a few pets that have been taken by gators and we were trying to help by removing another one through the state public hunts.