Gator hunt video

Video of one of the gators we got in 2009. While it was not the the biggest one it does give you and idea of what you might encounter during your hunt.

12'2"Gator from the 2011 hunts. This was a family trip. We had the gator hook and harpooned before we got the camera going but will give a good idea of what happens next.

Corey, William and I took this 10'8" gator on a morning hunt. One fishing pole was broke in the process.


Suzie's second gator of 2011. This one was 10'4".

Glen and I donated a hunt to an auction that benefited the Wounded Warriors. Carl had the winning bid and we showed him a great time. On the second gator we gave him the option to going through a live catch. He was up for the catch. Glen carefully holds the mouth closed while Carl gets this full grown gator taped up.