Links to other sites

Take a look at some of these links. These sites offer a varity of products or have videos that may help you out.

JC Taxidermy
After getting the 12'2" gator in 2011 with the family we decided to do a neck mount. I had not been real pleased with the taxidermist that many processors send gators to. (We sent some gators with real character in to be done and got someoneelses head. When questioned we were told that they fixed it. BS.) Referals came in for Jason Clark's JC Taxidermy. We gave them a try and were real pleased with job and I know that I got my gator back. He does it right. Check him out.

Melissas Fine Designs
Melissa is taking teeth from alligators we harvested and making jewelry out of them. She also can make custom jewelry out of your clean parts.

Jeff Leserra
Gator hunting supplies including fully set up crossbow.

CFTH-Central Florida Trophy Hunts
Gator hunting supplies and they put on the big gator shootout.

Gator Guides
Has the RatWorks equipment and helpful tips.

Backwater Outdoors
Go to products, hunting then alligator hunting to find bow equipment.

Power heads for bang stick. I would personally recommend these spring style power heads. I know people that dispatch hundreds of gators a season that use these and have never had any problems.

Bill's Bandsticks and powerheads
Bud closed up shop at the end of the year but his son is now providing the same products out of his shop in Texas. He has powerheads and an adapter to mount to wooden pole. 

Cajun Gator Hunt Equipment
Has gator hunting equipment

Custom Adventures and Equipment
Guide service and has a video showing some gators getting harvested.

Night Water Hunting Supplies
They have a light mounted on a ball cap that has a cord on it that can be plugged in and disconected without having to unscrew anything from the battery. Allows your hands to be free to fight your gator or drive the boat.

Captain Rick Silkworth
Captain Rick Silkworth has been guiding people to fish in the Tampa Bay Area as well as being a gator guide on many of the Florida public hunt locations. He is now offering bow fishing trips as well. If you are looking for a great experience give him a call.

LightHeaded Hatlights
We met Kenny Hughes at the hunting seminars and he had some really well built lights. Each one is constructed with heavy gauge wire and switches. He even has models with dimmer switches right in the hat. If you want to free up your hands to fight your gator take a look here.

TNT Gators on Bowhunting TV
Link to a video of a gator taken with a bow and live caught.