Mississippi alligator hunting

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Application Dates: Permits will be offered for sale on a First-Come-First-Serve basis beginning on July 14, at 9:00am. Apply Here

Age and residency requirement: 16 or older, Must be resident

Hunting Season: 12:00 noon August 28 - 12:00 noon September 7, 2015

Hunting Hours: Alligators may be hunted 24 hours

Legal Methods Of Take: Capture methods are restricted to hand-held snares, snatch hooks (hand-held or rod/reel), harpoons (with attached line/buoy), and bowfishing equipment (w/ line attached from bow to arrow or line/buoy, bowfishing arrow tips only, no broadheads, and no tips containing cartridges, or other explosive devises). No bait is allowed. Before dispatch alligator must have a noose or snare secured around the neck or leg in a manner that the alligator is controlled.

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