Anodized aluminum driver with push point

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Anodized Aluminum Harpoon driver wiht 1/4 push point for toggle darts This will mount to a wood pole. The stainless steel push pin is 3/8" x 4" turned down at the point to 1/4" or 5/16" to accept the dart. The head is made from a solid peice of aluminum and then anodized. The head has three holes drilled in it so that it can be screwed to a wooden pole. The head is 3/4" thick and drilled and tapped to receive the push point. If you need to change the push point you just unscrew the pin and screw in another one. You never have to remove the head from the pole. If you are running and gunning and picking up the harpoon all night this light head will not wear your wrist out like the other heads.

Wood poles can be found in the molding section of Lowes or Home Depot.