At G&B Gator Gear it is our mission to manufacture the best quality products, have top notch customer service and offer them at an excellent price.  We are not a retail shop where we take a bunch of other people’s products and mark the price up and sell them. We are a garage shop business that takes pride in our workmanship.  If you can order it we can ship it. You can not pay for something that we do not have available to ship.

We have been hunting alligators for many years and have learned from the school of hard knocks.  We created this site to hopefully make it easier for people to get started and have success doing a self guided hunt.

The emphasis of our site is on alligator hunting equipment and techniques. If this topic is of interest to you, you are invited to join our forum and ask questions, share experiences, and information about techniques and equipment.  Whether you are a beginner asking questions or an experienced hunter willing to answer questions or share information, you are welcome to join the forum.   We will continue to add to the site so come back later and see whats been added. If there is something that you would like to see drop us a note.

The first year we started out by purchasing a cool looking setup while attending a training class.  We thought that we had the greatest equipment and were ready to get some gators.  We were not very successful on our own that first hunt.  We ended up having a guide take us out just to finish out four of our tags.  That original setup never saw another season except for the bang stick.  After seeing what other hunters were using we began to recognize that the experienced hunters were using equipment that was simple and functional.

Never forget that the most important thing when hunting is to keep safe.  When a gator is on things can get hectic and exciting but you have to remember to keep safe.  Many things out there can get you, a snatch hook laying on the deck, a bang stick, and last but not least that gator you just made mad by sticking him with a pointy stick.